I assigned each person in my class the task of creating a number-sequence, however, 4 of the guys I usually consider to be leaders came back with baffling results.

Can you make sense of their work and tell me which number comes next in each?

Brian: 0,-0.5,4,0,0.5,1,1,?

Harry: 7,7,9,6,8,5,8,?

John: 0,1,4,-3,?

Xavier: 0,0.5,3,6,2,-4,5,-2,?

Hint 1?

During our periodic Shakespeare lessons, one of the boys brought some kind of flower to class, but it smelled awful. Of course, that just made him feel more the hero, so they kept coming, one after another.

  • $\begingroup$ Hey, it's been sometime, could you add another hint? (: $\endgroup$ – Pretzel Sep 26 '19 at 21:17

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