An Englishman, a Frenchman and a German are speaking.

First the Englishman says : "M".

Then the Frenchman says : "M" as well.

And the German also says : "M".

They all agree and decide to change the order.

The German says : "D".

The Frenchman says : "V".

And the Englishman says : "S".

They agree again and change the order. The Frenchman will be the first to speak.

What will the Frenchman say?

The expected answer is just a letter, but, to be accepted, explanations will be needed.


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I think the French will say

D for Dimanche (Sunday in French)

The English says "M", the French says "M", the German says "M"

Monday, Mardi (Tuesday in French), Mittwoch (Wednesday in German)

German "D", French "V", English "S"

Donnerstag (Thursday in German), Vendredi (Friday in French), Saturday


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