A baker is working a batch of dough. He shapes it into a cylinder of height a and radius z.

What will the baker make from this volume of dough?


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He will make


The volume is

Height times pi times the square of the radius, i.e. $pi * z * z * a$.

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Old joke - he's making pizza: pi * z * z * a

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While I agree with Jeff's answer, it also depends on the actual height and radius used.

If a > 1" (perhaps even 1/2" because dough rises with yeast assuming a typical pizza batter), the pizza will be way too thick to resemble pizza. Typically crusts (before baking) are way less than a < 1/2", though I've never tried a thick-pan crust.
Also if z < 3", the pizza will be far too small to be a realistic pizza. (Mini-pizzas at z = 2"?)

But given realistic values of a and z, I certainly agree with Jeff's answer.

(I'd add a comment instead to Jeff's answer, but reputation '50' is required for that.) :(

Happy pi day.

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Volume $V$ of a cylinder of given height $h$ and radius $r$ is given by $V = \pi r^2 h$.


the volume of said object is $\pi z^2 a$. But since today is pi day, I assume the correct answer is pizza.



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