Think of a 4-letter word for something seen in the winter (lowercase). Turn it upside down, and you'll name a device used with this thing. What is it?

(credit to Hugh Stoll of Harrisonburg, Va.)

I am getting really frustrated that I can't figure this out!!!!


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The answer is

"wool", which people wear in winter.
When inverted, the word "wool" becomes "loom", a device that can be used for weaving wool.


Is it



On a snow plow there's something called a moldboard, which is the big curved part. From a few web searches I couldn't find any reference to a moldboard being called simply a mold, but there are cases where it's broken into two words; I could see some people calling it a mold. A moldboard is also made using a mold, so maybe that's what it's referring to?


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