Water's around, but not too much,

Maybe you like it,

But should not touch.

What is it?


My guess is a


In a desert there is barely any water, but there is enough for plants like a cactus to survive.

They are pleasant to look at, but you don't want to touch one or you will get pricked by its spines.


Is the answer



Steam is the gaseous form of water and a small mass of it can occupy a relatively large volume at standard pressure. This would satisfy the condition of a small amount of water and it being 'around'. Steam is hot and can burn so you shouldn't touch it however many people like to look at steam from a distance as it can be visually pleasing

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My first guess, assuming that "it" is the same as in "... like it", is

alcohol. Without proper hydration, drinking is, as we all know, not recommended.

However, any analogous


would serve this purpose, such as



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