Suppose you're on a 4 × 6 grid, and want to go from the bottom left to the top right. How many different paths can you take? Avoid backtracking -- you can only move right or up.enter image description here

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This is, I'm sure, answered somewhere else. It is also related to Pascal's triangle.

Simply fill out the grid as follows:

enter image description here

In this grid, each number represents the number of ways of getting to that particular intersection. And that number is precisely the number of ways to get to the intersection below it added to the number of ways to get to the intersection to the left of it.

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A more mathematically oriented answer:

You have $10$ moves to make in total and you need to choose which $4$ of them are going to be up. The number of ways to do that is $${10\choose 4}=210$$


Write them out. Start with


and then count them up. You should have 210 in total.


$$\binom30+\binom41+\binom52+\binom63+\binom74+\binom85+\binom96$$ $$=1+4+10+20+35+56+84$$ $$=210$$


Here is a small python program which solves it. Every step we can go up or right with the goal being 4,6.

def count(up, right):
    if up > 4:
        return 0 
    if right > 6:
        return 0
    if up == 4 and right == 6:
        return 1 
    return count(up + 1, right) + count(up, right + 1)
print count(0,0)

output : 210


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