I am a giant among ants, a nothing - yet something! - among man.

I may be costly or inexpensive; my markings will tell you, done.

In this grand year of 2019 my kind turns 41.

We're made of a material not like a canyon or a can.

I've got two arms, two hands, one head, two legs.

That should sound familiar, I certainly think.

So come, watch one of my movies with non-liquid drink!

Just don't take my chair. It's small and covered with pegs.

And of course.......Who am I?

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The answer is

a lego minifigure.


  1. The giant among the ants

    The lego is huge in the comparison of the ants. Though ants and some people may deem the Lego miniman as a nothing, one that does not worth anything at all, since it is not something that the ants can eat. But among humans, the mini Lego is a wonderful plaything, which makes a real significance in mankind. Take Legoland for instance.

  2. It is costly or inexpensive

    As seen above, some think this is worthless, so the Lego is costly to waste their money on something like that; some treasure it as a memory of their a childhood, so no matter the cost, is is a priceless thing, therefore buying a collection is inexpensive to them.

  3. In the grand year of 2019 my kind turns 41

    In year 1978, the Lego was created and was invited into the market. (Obviously, duh)

  4. We are made of material not like canyon or can

    It is not made from rocks and metal

  5. A Lego figure has 2 pairs of hands, legs, arms and a head

  6. So come, watch one of my movies with non liquid drink.

    There are 2 movies out already and both are bestsellers. Recently there is a new Lego movie 2 that's out now and in the cinemas. You can drink up the scene and story in the movie =non liquid drink

  7. Don't take my chair. It's small and covered with pegs.

    The Lego minifigure chair is as small as a fingernail. And the hard plastic pegs there can only fit the bottom of the Lego figures. It would be extremely uncomfortable to step on it, much less sit on it.

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You are

a Lego minifigure

First produced in 1978, thus turning 41 in 2019.

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