In his retirement Grandpa likes to manage his own investments. He studies global company stocks, their earnings, products, dividends all kinds of statistics and numbers and makes his buy choices

Grandpa likes Boeing Corporation but not Lockheed Martin

Grandpa likes Roku but not Netflix

Grandpa likes Unilever but not Proctor and Gamble

I wonder why

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Grandpa likes:

Companies whose stock symbol is a number in another language


Grandpa likes BA (8, Chinese), ROKU (6, Japanese), and UN (1, French), and dislikes LMT, NFLX, and PG.

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Grandpa dislikes:

Company names with three consecutive consonants: Lockheed, Netflix, Gamble


Grandpa has started subconsciously doubting his own abilities to spend money wisely, and is projecting it onto those companies. You might need to start monitoring his spending habits.

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Maybe Grandpa likes

Companies with numbers in their name


Boeing Corporation - German for one
Roku - Japanese for six
Unilever - French for one

  • $\begingroup$ If using such far fetched argumentation, I could also say the Netflix rot13(pbagnvaf vk, Ebzna sbe avar). $\endgroup$ – jarnbjo Feb 8 at 16:33
  • $\begingroup$ That is a good point $\endgroup$ – DEEM Feb 8 at 17:01
  • $\begingroup$ You are on thee right track @hexomino. $\endgroup$ – DEEM Feb 10 at 14:44

I think that Grandpa likes:

Companies with rivers in their name


Boeing Corporation

Pora, Oku and Nile are all river names


This seems similar to this riddle:


Does not like T.

  • $\begingroup$ Boeing Corporation? $\endgroup$ – JonMark Perry Feb 9 at 11:59
  • $\begingroup$ Good point! Let me see. Thanks, @JonMarkPerry! $\endgroup$ – Krad Cigol Feb 9 at 13:00

Grandpa dislikes:

Companies with less than 40% vowels in their name.


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