I'm needing some help deciphering the following puzzle:

Oi xmt gcilk vwf-cciruk Lhoyqz ccig spkb mfyt; Rnbrl uakoj tbbu gw bkgd, Wgqnb ddmu p zfoim; Viec kfs lllsmt, ywfy dg zdoc, Dtfl fu xggu, Ii qjr tstfz wjd-cwtovb Pdgm lgf.

Xrb Ifg, lfhtei lbiwfr lmvp Hdo Tfz rdahp nuyqbdw, Mtfrid aic ngzok xxhyl kinr ncde Ipbn Mm effrw im dbilp: Oi xmt gcilk vwf-cciruk H ntgzmr-gsdtf zgfkweru Oku Cghd Lxf Gdvakxai Jrdry Smobua.

Bnfshm rfo Llw, uhfo Emvbiglw Uobdjdg iakxa lnj cbn, N houpzffai ak fdpp Pop a vytlvbhoc gq hgj; Nieajl vgh Hdo, xmev Drwiys Kyms ufyr qiqobm, Umv fz fgk lsy ytj sgquc Eviut bjebt.

Fgmbly ytj Nbnlposesd Pgp mdyf mltmmiru okuki, Ahrvrhcv drs zbrgajdf Okamosej qjr ndo; Gja knsj Jdj Vbixih Ii tnb fgahfo mlddv Cebwllxcej qjr Trpdrip Wdqj g bdwx.

Iplt uyt D idxu Xfz, Pfxi gj D ds? Ll J wrvn g Jmtvxihd D gaadj falos a syph; Ck A zfdb a Cwvr Fgu B igglj ca vp wdah, Tbt ctbo C udr L mjvr Tov, Idxu et vegvu.

We were also given three clues:

  • Hint 2: Thomas Shelby
  • Hint 3: Balaur.
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    $\begingroup$ Hi, and welcome to Puzzling.SE! Could you provide a source for this puzzle, please? $\endgroup$
    – Brandon_J
    Feb 7 '19 at 20:19
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    $\begingroup$ Sure! This is actually for a dungeons and dragons campaign I'm in. Our game master gave us this riddle with the prize being an inspiration point for solving it. $\endgroup$ Feb 8 '19 at 0:05

Alright, here's a starting point:

The CAPS LOCK Castlevania hint indicates that we can likely find some of the following special words: Belmont, Vampire, Dracula, monster, etc. This could come in handy later. As for the other hints, The Balaur is a mythological creature similar to a dragon; Thomas Shelby is a family crime boss in a TV show. Not sure how that last one will fit.

Digging in:

if this isn't a monoalphabetic (see wikipedia for definition) cipher, then I'll likely be no help. I'll be looking strictly at monoalphabetic possibilities.

An interesting word:

cciruk. The necessary word pattern for this word is fairly limited. Our only possibilities are aahing eerily llanos oocyst oocyte oodles oogamy oogeny oohing oolite oolith oomiac oomiak oompah oomphs oorali ootids oozier oozily oozing "c" is likely a vowel of some sort, since llanos is a Spanish word.

This doesn't jive well with any other possibilities.

Something else discouraging is the "Mm" and the "Ii" - unless the author of the puzzle is deliberately throwing in fake words, this is probably polyalphabetic, in which case I can't help.

I'll see if I can find anything else.

Some possible clues:

Sypha, in the Castlevania series, took the pseudonym Cipher.

  • $\begingroup$ Another thing the three clues have in common is rot13(Ebznavn). Tried this as a key, along with some of the words in part of your answer but no luck yet. $\endgroup$ Feb 7 '19 at 21:13

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