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These rebuses (rebi) require you to figure out what the phrase is saying. However, all the rebi follow a common rule they follow in which YOU have to solve for. They also follow a common theme, which is another thing YOU have to solve for.

Have fun!


Also a freebie, the first rebus is supposed to have the word "of" in there somewhere. I forgot to add a clue for it (yikes!)

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Partial for image #1:

com + $e$ + ? + ? = come + ?
Muse - E4 + I + $c$ = music

Answer for Image #2 (thanks to help from the comments):

Bible is actually a trilogy


What I have above is "on the right path". Here's what else I've come up with

For image #1, could the book represent this?

To me

I want to say the image to the right of that is this, (but I'm pretty sure it's wrong):

Wings of an angle [sic]

  • $\begingroup$ Nice! I think the #2 says rot13[Ovoyr vf npghnyyl n gevybtl (ylevpf sebz "Nyy-Nzrevpna Cebcurg")] $\endgroup$ – Jafe Jan 29 '19 at 7:05
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    $\begingroup$ - f/m could be Force/Mass = Acceleration (a). Also notice the 3 by the yugioh card. $\endgroup$ – Chris Cudmore Jan 29 '19 at 19:51
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    $\begingroup$ for a hint for number one, find a direct synonym to a book $\endgroup$ – Prince North Læraðr Jan 31 '19 at 22:52

#1 says

Come to me, angel of music

which is

from the lyrics of "Angel of Music" in the musical The Phantom of the Opera.


2.71828 = e
a book is a tome
wings over an angle = angel
missing from the rebus, but given in a comment: of
muses from Disney's Hercules minus E (musical note of 329.628 Hz) = mus
pointing to self = i
299792458 m/s is the speed of light, or c.

Laurel solved #2:

Bible is actually a trilogy

which is

from the lyrics of "All-American Prophet" in the musical The Book of Mormon.

So the theme is

musicals, but I'm unsure what the common rule could be.

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Partial Answer:


equivalent to e, mathematical constant


E4 is about 329.628 Hz


equivalent to c, light of speed

original gangster:

kkk? NO from OP in comment


y (homophone)

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