Connect Wall (my first one):

Senior      Station     U.S.        Request
Travel      Boy         Benefit     Club
Group       Card        Private     Zone
Rights      Jam         Open        Family
  1. Find 4 categories with 4 words in each one.
  2. Find the common word for the categories (with the same pattern).

Hint for the pattern that this wall follows:

In each group the category name is a word that either precedes or follows the words in the group to make up a new known word or phrase.

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I think I finally figured it out:

CITIZEN: Senior, U.S, Private, Rights (from Yodaswag)
SPACE: Station, Travel, Jam, Open (space station, space travel, Space Jam, open space)
FRIEND: Zone, Boy, Request, Family (friend zone, boyfriend, friend request, family friend)
MEMBER: Benefit, Card, Club, Group (member benefit, card member, club member, group member)

SHIP: Citizenship, spaceship, friendship, membership

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Ok, so I think I figured 1 of the 4 categories.

the category for the words:

Senior, U.S, Private and Rights is Citizen.


Senior citizen, U.S. citizen, Private Citizen, and Citizen Rights.

also I think the words:

Travel, Card and station are in the same category.

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I think the overall common theme is


First group:

SENIOR, GROUP, FAMILY, ??? - they can all be types of TICKET.

Second group:

JAM, PRIVATE?, ZONE?, ??? - these words all go together with TRAFFIC.

Third group:

STATION, OPEN?, ???, ??? - these words all go together with BUS.

Fourth group:

U.S., ZONE?, OPEN?, ??? - these words all go together with BORDER.

I'm not sure about all of the words, but I think I'm on the right track here ...

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CITIZEN Senior Citizen, Citizen's Rights, Private Citizen, US Citizen (@Yodaswag)

2. ?

INSURANCE Travel Insurance, Insurance Benefits, Group Insurance, Insurance Card


BUS Bus Station, Bus Boy, Bus Zone, Family Bus


SESSION Jam Session, Club Session, Session Request, Open Session

Common Theme????:

Jeff Sessions, Former US Attorney General?!


I'm going to guess that the broad category is


First Group:

Open, Private, Club, Request. Possible category names: lodge, ticket, access.

Second Group:

Senior, Group, Family, Travel. Category name: Discount

Third Group:

Card, Rights, U.S., Boy. Category name: Customs?

Fourth Group:

Travel, Station, Jam, Zone. Category name: Transportation?

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I am using the first group as solved by @Yodaswag

Senior, U.S, Private and Rights is Citizen.

After this, a second group I can think of

Travel, Card, Open and Family is Business
as in business travel, business card, open business and family business

From this I take a bigger leap and organize the remaining words as

Request, Station, Group and Zone is Military
Club, Benefit, Jam and Boy is Family

This four category can mean that the answer is

Law, because citizen (civil rights), business, military and family are all fields of law

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My guess is:


Senior, Rights, U.S., Private


Family, Benefit, Club, Group


Boy, Station, Travel, Card


Jam, Open, Request, Zone


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