Figured out the majority of the puzzle I think. There's just a couple things stumping me. Like the knights for one.

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ Hi there, I solved the knights ;) Hope this helps $\endgroup$ – Omega Krypton Jan 21 at 2:17
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Based on @Jay's answer, the entire answer should be:

“Out of all the things I have lost, I miss my mind the most.” - Mark Twain

I'll edit the explanations for later

Of (Woof) credits @Jay
All (Ball) credits @Jay
The (Tic Tac Toe - Tick - Tack, then with O = H) credits @Jay
Things (KNIGHTS --> K=1, N=2, I=3, G=4, H=5, T=6, S=7 ==> Roman numerals above = 6-5-3-2-4-7 ==>T-H-I-N-G-S)
I've (Hive - H) credits @Jay
Lost (Lobo + Nest - Bone) Thanks @squishycoast credits @Jay
I (Mathematical symbol) credits @Jay
Miss (Mi as in Do, Re, Mi + S + S) credits @Jay
My (Money - One) credits @Jay
Mind (M in D) credits @Jay
The (T + He) credits @Jay
Most (eye = I, bee = B, rot19 would turn i to b, therefore rot19(TVZA) = MOST)

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    $\begingroup$ quite some bit of thought you've put into this I must say... so has @Jay.. loved it. $\endgroup$ – Rai Jan 21 at 8:48

Partial answer

Of (Woof)
All (Ball)
The (Tic Tac Toe - Tick - Tack, then with O = H)
I've (Hive - H)
Lost (Lobo + Nest - Bone) Thanks @squishycoast
I (Mathematical symbol)
Miss (Mi as in Do, Re, Mi + S + S)
My (Money - One)
Mind (M in D)
The (T + He)

I believe the final phrase will be

"Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most"

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    $\begingroup$ Yes it is, by me ;) $\endgroup$ – Omega Krypton Jan 21 at 2:15
  • $\begingroup$ Nicely done with the missing ones $\endgroup$ – Jay Jan 21 at 2:16
  • $\begingroup$ Very nice on those last ones! $\endgroup$ – user56576 Jan 21 at 2:20

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