n = 11, j = 1, s = 9, m = ?

If you solve it you are a genius.


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Those are...

SI units: Newtons, joules, seconds and meters.


$$N = \frac{kg \times m}{s^2}$$
$$11 = \frac{kg \times m}{81}$$
$$891 = kg \times m$$
$$J = \frac{kg \times m^2}{s^2}$$
$$1 = \frac{kg \times m^2}{81}$$
$$81 = kg \times m^2$$
$$\frac{891}{81} = \frac{kg \times m}{kg \times m^2}$$
$$11 = \frac{1}{m}$$
$$m = \frac{1}{11}$$


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