in a party 3 brothers discussing:

first brother says " I ate more fruit than 2nd brother and 2nd brother ate more fruit than 3rd brother"

2nd brother says " 3nd brother ate more than me also 3rd brother ate more than 1st brother"

3rd brother says " 2nd brother ate more that me and 1st brother ate the same as me "

now between two brother the person who has eaten the less fruit is the most honest person. base on that fact which sentences is not wrong?

  1. 3rd ate more than others.
  2. 2nd ate more than others.
  3. 1st ate more than 2nd.
  4. 2nd ate more than 1st.
  5. 2nd ate more than 3rd.
  6. 3rd ate more than 2nd.
  7. 3rd ate more than 1st.
  8. 1st ate more than 3rd.
  9. all the brothers ate same amount of fruits
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If the 2nd brother says he ate more than himself, he must be lying about the 3rd brother eating more than the first brother, so the one that is true is 8.

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I think your second statement is wrong. If it is right then

he is lying about the 3rd brother eating more than the first brother


number 8 is right.

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  • $\begingroup$ the second statement is about 3rd guy . bad writing ! $\endgroup$ – David Dec 24 '18 at 17:39

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