this riddle is easy - that much i can say,
please follow along, right this way.

before we start - I must warn you all,
questions of any sort, well, uhh, not allowed.

(almost) all of these words are meaningless - the italix you must check,
i don't take any blame, for nixon and his wreck.

i really can't to say any more,
i want to get hats, that's all this is for.

do you think i'm so dumb, i would give it all away?
if you give me some rep, maybe someday.

rot13 - that won't be of use,
in my other stack, you may find some clues.


Is the answer:

adobeillustrator ? I used F12 to check all italic chars -> mpanquxxgefdmfad, then deciphered it by rot14 -> adobeillustrator


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