In the past, you found I felt Twitter's character limit was too small when each tweet only fit 140 characters, but what's my opinion now that it fits twice that?

I'll be here to confirm any subanswers, all of which are words or phrases, or in the Sphinx's Lair.

enter image description here

Here's a link to the tweet and here is the text of the tweet:

ᴜ⪪>ㅂ⊓∋…🎌➡️🐷BXFIPF.♌#㊾⬅️sxrt⑷ni,⑶txsin,rᴜĆ🚇H11⎕2N⠰ΛMfb调子密文来自轻打ririmvdfoʊimz├˦ᐦ|¡|ıᴵ|🍕+👕=💕,👂+🛑+φ=?⟐̅◬ᐆ⍍MscẒḦṆṖṢ⢝⣃⁘┈⡓→▦⛳🦅82{.)}2@49]'+੩陸១൪༥꘢cis¼πx|1U3U5,7Mig     ​  ᥞb∔đ₠㏊ध돼👸:🍑::👨‍🔧:↴̯͕̹̠̹̼̰U+(🥤-🍵+🍒)+(💷-🎵)(946)Mg+MMt


Partial answer: sections not in code blocks have been fully solved. Some sections divisions may be incorrect.

General Structure

Each "section" of characters produces an answer; the size of each section must be figured out by the solver. There are occasionally three-letter strings of the form Mxx, where x can be any lowercase letter; these mark metapuzzles, where the xx is a social media site. (found by Volatility)

Part 1


Each of these symbols has three characteristics: type of symbol (angle, square, rounded); direction of opening; and horizontal line.

The type of symbol is the same for each pair (starting from the second), then switches to the next type.
The direction alternates between 90 degree clockwise rotation and 180 degree rotation.
The horizontal line is on every other symbol.
The next few symbols are CAVE.


Interpret the letters given as semaphore, then read the semaphore symbols off as pigpen to get GUITAR. (found by Alconja)


This is a visual cryptic clue: "#" is "NO", the abbreviation for "number". "㊾" is the roman numerals IL; reversing both of those gives LION, as defined by "♌". (Found by ManyPinkHats)







Part 2


These characters translate to "tone ciphertext from tapping". As it happens, there is a cipher called the "tap code" where letters A-Z are arranged in a 5×5 grid and indexed by coordinates 1-5.
enter image description here
There are also five tones in Mandarin, conveniently numbered. The tones of the characters there are 4, 5, 4, 2, 2, 4, 1, 3; reading as pairs and using the tap code, this gives URIC.


This is almost the phrase "read removed phonemes" in the International Phonetic Alphabet, but with d, u, and n missing, making the word DUNE.


The whitespace in between symbols here spells SWAN.

enter image description here



⟐̅◬ᐆ⍍ (backsolved)

The answer to this is ZOOT.


Each answer is a four-letter word that can be paired with another four-letter word: URIC ACID, SAND DUNE, SWAN SONG, ?, ZOOT SUIT. These share a single letter (in the same position); the common letters spell INSET. (found by Volatility)

Part 3


Shifting each character forwards or backwards based on the dots gives AFOOT.


These sets of dots can be fit into a 5×5 grid without rotation:
enter image description here
The uncovered squares are the first, third, thirteenth, and sixteenth. The corresponding letters anagram to CAMP.

⛳🦅82{.)}2@49]'+ (backsolved)

I suspect the text after the eagle to be code in some language used on on CodeGolf.SE, but I don't know which language it could be. (There aren't any languages called something similar to "eagle" or "bird" that I can find.)

It's also possible the eagle could mean "two under par", but no methods of shifting by 2 have worked (either using ASCII values, or shifting on a keyboard).

This has been backsolved to produce the answer STONER.


These are all numbers: Gurmukhi 3, Japanese 6, Khmer 1, Malayalam 4, Tibetan 5, Vai 2. Indexing into the names of the scripts and sorting from 1-6 gives KARATE.


"cis(θ)" is sometimes used to refer to e^(iθ); here, cis(¼πx) should be evaluated at 1, 3, and the interval from 5 to 7. Plotting these output points produces a SMILE.


This is the Instagram meta. Each of these is a unit of measure, plus a letter. (This is clued by the "gram" in "Instagram".) The extra letters spell out the word ACRES. (found by Volatility)

Part 4

[     ​  ] (brackets added for clarity)

This is a bunch of whitespace characters: a space, an ideographic space, an em space, a punctuation space, a six-per-em space, a zero-width space, an en space, and another regular space. The first characters of these spell SIMPSONS.


Visually, each one of these seems to look like a ligature of two letters: the word GLITCHES has been overlaid onto the text NOTDEATH. "Glitches" are bugs, and "not death" is life, so the answer is the movie A BUG'S LIFE.


This is a standardized-test style analogy: "Princess is to Peach as plumber is to MARIO".


This arrow says to rotate your head right: here, "CANINES" has been written with a bunch of combining diacritics. (This has been confirmed not to be an answer; maybe it's part of the previous section?)


The first rebus here seems to be "cup with straw" minus "cup", plus "cherry". This almost makes "strawberry", but not quite? The second, as Runemoro pointed out in the comments to Omega Krypton's answer, is "banknote" minus "note", giving "bank". (Or perhaps "pound note" minus "note", as Gareth suggested.) The "U+" probably refers to the Unicode character number, but adding two emoji does not give a valid Unicode character.



Part 5



  • $\begingroup$ I don't know about the Msc, but the part after seems to give AFOOT if you Caesar shift as the dots indicate. $\endgroup$ – xnor Dec 9 '18 at 9:45
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ I think the golf isn't code golf, but clues that an eagle is two under par in golf, which to me suggests decreasing the characters that follow by 2 somehow. $\endgroup$ – xnor Dec 9 '18 at 9:52
  • $\begingroup$ @xnor Oh, nice find for the first one! For the second, I just tried that, and had no luck - subtracting 2 from all ASCII/Unicode values still gives gibberish (and so does adding 2). $\endgroup$ – Deusovi Dec 9 '18 at 10:08
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ U+(🥤-🍵+🍒) = U+(1F964 - 1F375 + 1F352) = U+1F941 = 🥁 (drum) $\endgroup$ – Stefan Dec 9 '18 at 22:32
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ Arrow down with "canines"... Could it be "underdogs"? $\endgroup$ – jafe Jan 12 at 11:40

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