In one of his silly question mood Grandpa says:

" Can you name a body part that is entirely inside (within) another body part but some distance away?"

Taking the clue from his last question I proudly answered:

" That is easy. Ear inside Heart!"

" Correct. Now is there another simple combination like that? No complicated medical terminology from Med School Books!"

Is there? Simple?

  • Do you have a specific answer in mind or many possibilities? – S. M. Dec 6 at 15:32
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    Yes . Very specific answer. Pleasantly surprised to see another answer that is EAR inside FOREARM – DEEM Dec 6 at 15:35
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    Solved already! And I'd only gotten as far as noticing that there's ice in my bicep and a leg in my phlegm. – Hugh Meyers Dec 6 at 15:56
  • 3
    I've a pain in my windpipe and a tack in my back :P – Tom Dec 6 at 16:25
  • Point at yourself and say he is in my chest. – xQbert Dec 7 at 19:46

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How about..

ear inside beard?

  • Beard is not a body part though... – Sid 2 days ago

I'm not sure if

"rear" is a legal body part,

but if it is,



just ear and forearm (thanks @S.M., I went for the funny one and completely skipped the more valid one)

Also, if the letters don't have to be consecutive,


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    LOL. I like the way you think but----- – DEEM Dec 6 at 14:41
  • 3
    rot13(Be whfg "rne" naq "sbernez") :p – S. M. Dec 6 at 14:41
  • 2
    Entirely within or inside so according to Grandpa Tongue does not count. Must be like Ear in Heart. – DEEM Dec 6 at 14:47
  • 1
    For your last, I'd argue that the word is actually on the outer edges -- not very "inside". – Nic Hartley Dec 6 at 20:02
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    @NicHartley but what if the other body part is inside the one on the edges? – Excited Raichu Dec 6 at 20:10

Might be pushing it a bit, but can we have:


How about

butt and belly button

Are we limited to the human body? If not:

lip and flipper

work alright!

Here are a few stabs at it:

Lat (common shortening of latisumus dorsi) inside palate


Dome (slang for a bald head) inside abdomen


Pate inside Patella (not sure this counts as "inside")

If you ignore spelling but allow for phonetics, you can say:

There's a KNEE in my craNIum!

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    Also a knee in kidney – a sandwhich Dec 7 at 5:18
  • 2
    There’s an id in kidney, is part of the psyche part of the body? – James Dec 7 at 15:44


arm and forearm


(taken partly from @Excited Raichu's answer)

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    No @S. M. Entirely inside like H EAR T. Not at the begining or end. – DEEM Dec 6 at 15:33
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    Also, the forearm is on the arm, so it's not "some distance away". – nitro2k01 Dec 7 at 2:49

At the risk of being crude,

you've got an ear in your rear end.

Yeah, I know this can be derived from Excited Raichu's answer, but I did think of it independently.

We could have:

Tongue in mouth! first thought

  • 3
    more like a foot ;) – amI Dec 8 at 19:07
  • How is that "some distance away"? – Toby Speight 2 days ago
  • Maybe it's not. But, it does go down the throat. Literally speaking, as for "body part names" it is the closest, but considering that this is a riddle that involves linguistic plays on words, it may not be the best answer by those standards. But, it is worth considering, so I'll keep it posted. – Jesse Steele yesterday

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