These are separate puzzles joined by mathematical symbols, the final result answers the question "Who am I?" You will need the answer to solve the last riddle at the end.

I am one of four brothers, we make a foundation
in some way we are native to every nation
if one is kind, the other is not
if one is a little the other is a lot
from what you give i will take
only 1 of my brothers will moreso break


where to find the long lost party?
of those once high, yet became naughty
swallowed like a black like whole
wants your time, not your soul
sounds like the armor of your mouth
after water is burnt, it tis more south


you yes you it is always true
but me yes me, it shall also be
then what is made when you are with me?
is that 1 plus 1 or is it 3?


Oh! {answer}

Now that you found the answer
You may have to look online for a prancer
Who has taken my form into competition
And won championships with Ambition
I shall give thee clue to his name
Taken from astronomy to his fame

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