A certain code enciphers CONFIDENCE as FGPEGEQPHK. What will it do to PERFECTION?

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I think it would be written as:



Counting the letters that make up the word and comparing it to the translation's count reveals they have the same amount of letters and also the same amount of different letters. It looked to be translated by a rot2 and that seemed to make: Confidence -> EQPHKFGPEG which looked really similar except the two halves are switched. So it becomes: EQPHKFGPEG -> EQPHK FGPEG -> FGPEGEQPHK

So if you do the same procedure with PERFECTION, you get the following: PERFECTION -> rot2 -> RGTHGEVKQP -> switch halves -> EVKQPRGTHG

All in all, the answer is EVKQPRGTHG


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