Last year I went to 12 different countries around the world. I made an AI to convert every country that I've visited into a beautiful artwork as a reminder. I input the 12 countries name, then somehow my AI produces the following output:

Hello Mal, You have visited many countries, huh?

So, this is a beautiful art for you:

|-\--\\> |
|o\**--> |
|-X--5*> |
|+*>---> |
|(|**|-> |

Beautiful isn't it?

And to make sure you don't forget, here's the key (sorted):


Actually, the artwork produced is not as expected :/ first, it's not beauty at all! and the last line of the artwork is very strange and looks different from the others.

After finding out how my AI worked, I guess, the odds on the last line was caused by a country that I have visited. Can you guess what is the country? and why does it make an error?

Hint 1

I tried to track its internet history, and I think, my AI didn't visit many websites when processing the artwork, actually, it only visited one page of wikipedia.org

Hint 2

Ah.. finally I remember the name of one of the countries I had visited: Trinidad and Tobago

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    $\begingroup$ Looking at that particular art style makes me wonder if the computer-puzzle tag might be appropriate.. $\endgroup$ – Bass Dec 3 '18 at 3:57
  • $\begingroup$ Could you give more hints please? $\endgroup$ – SDwarfs Dec 8 '18 at 16:31

I believe the answer to be:

São Tomé and Príncipe


It is the only country in Wikipedia's List of Sovereign States whose title/URL contains characters not contained in ASCII format (those being 'ã', 'é', and 'í'). Since you're working in ASCII art, if you were trying to do operations with the characters in the titles/URLs of each country to make your art, it could fail depending on your language. In C# and Java (among others), any character with a value over 127 will return the character ''.

  • $\begingroup$ +1 yes it's (gnyxvat nobhg NFPVV ohg, vg'f abg gue vagraqrq nafjre, lbh arrq gb svaq bhg ubj gur negjbex vf znqr) $\endgroup$ – malioboro Dec 7 '18 at 3:14

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