My prefix is words you should not care.

My suffix is the birth of the dragon chair.

My infix is the exit from the angel lair.

My whole is the result of what I bear.

What am I?


The dragon is red.

Hint 2:

The result is considered a bad thing.

Hint 3:

There's a red sun lie in between the red dragon and the angle lair.


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Closest I can get is


Broken down this is

Con - A swindle, involving words that should not be trusted or cared for
Vey - Apparently yiddish for woe, falling from heaven would be pretty woeful
Or - Gold, the treasure that dragon's like to sit on
Conveyor - Something that bears or carries something

I did also experiment with

Gate for heaven's exit, giving a suffix of -gator; or even Gateau using au for gold!

I'm really struggling with your first line, it doesn't really make sense in English and I'm finding it hard to interpret


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