Presenting a different face
To the outside rather than the inside place
Who was it?
It was me, not just me, but a little bit
Speaking 'yes' as the conquistadors did during their days
Ending with the first in two different ways

What am I?


The answer is a word made up of letters that are the answers for different sections of the puzzle.


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each line is a clue to a letter

then you could be an onomatopoetic

"C" I'm not sure about.
"R" has a tail pointing out from what would otherwise be a "P".
"U" (="you") is the answer to "Who was it?".
"N" is pronounced "en", which is, visually, a partial "em", which is not quite "me".
"C" is pronounced "sí", which is Spanish for "yes".
"H" can be formed by taking the first letter on this list - "C" - and putting two of them back to back, then rotating 90 degrees.

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