After a tiring soccer match which I absquatulated because I got insulted all the time by my own teammates, I went to my regular restaurant and ordered a fancy sashimi “the agushi special” but the waitress said it’s ran out so I had no other choice but to order a regular set.

The waitress suggested a sake pairing but it’s really not my cup of tea, especially the ‘Amabuki’ brand they serve there, so I ordered my usual go-to drink, Macallan on the rock, but the drink they brought me taste so much sweeter than I remembered. I’m not even sure that’s actually Macallan.

The food service was so slow, I had to walk to the restaurant bar and ate all the nut snacks they have on the counter which was also taste very bad because they weirdly mix it with dried pumpkins. Suffice to say, I did not enjoy the meal at all.

Just when I thought my bad luck was over, when I got back to my apartment, my stoner roommate was getting high all day and forgot to water my plant! I decided to go to bed early and end this day asap but then after I revisioned my whole bad day in my head; I suddenly craved a taste of something. I thought to myself maybe that taste will finally fulfill what is missing from this bad day, and it did!

What did I eat?

Edit & hint:

See italic.

I may be clutching at straws here but....

You maybe ate:

Butternut Squash Soup With Walnut-Whiskey Butter. Really, it's a thing.


Throughout the story you mention the foods you wanted to eat, and the foods you were served but did not enjoy. You wanted to eat:

- "Agushi" - which is the seeds from cucurbitaceous plants like the squash,
- "Macallan" - which is a single malt whiskey,
- "Nuts" (but you got pumpkin seeds instead).

The above is a recipe that includes all these three foods so might fulfill your cravings?

  • Wow, that’s very interesting! I didn't know about that menu before. You're so close and certainly on the right track but I ate just this one simple thing (that people don’t normally eat the way I do) and it's not even a meal. If you finally get the answer and I know you will, find all the other clues scattered around the story and explain how it connects to my answer then I’ll green-check it. – Chrone Nov 21 at 16:00
  • I can't believe you didn't even provide the obligatory link! – Chowzen Nov 22 at 1:28
  • @Chowzen There is a recipe but it's on a paywall site so I thought it was pointless. – Astralbee Nov 22 at 8:16

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