Én, to, tre, shabam,
go ahead an sprim that man!
Kvin, ses, sep, setresk,
saw him spling off on his desk!

Nove, dez, onze, spling,
not setresk is such a thing!
Treize, quatorze, quinze, sprim,
I might have to shabam him!

What kind of trouble am I in?


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"What kind of trouble am I in?" You're... having a small stroke? :P But seriously:

The odd lines are counting from 1 to 16 in foreign languages (except for 4 words in gibberish that also function as verbs), but these are easy enough to understand anyway. So if you substitute the nonsensical verbs with the numbers they stand for, you get:

go ahead an sixteen that man!
saw him twelve off on his desk!
not eight is such a thing!
I might have to four him!

...Which could be deciphered if we use the languages each original line was using:

go ahead an seize that man! (16 in French)
saw him doze off on his desk! (12 in Portuguese)
not ok is such a thing! (8 in Esperanto)
I might have to fire him! (4 in Norwegian)

So you were caught sleeping at your desk. [Perhaps while counting sheep? ;)]

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    $\begingroup$ For an added bonus: Norwegian could also be Danish. $\endgroup$ Commented Nov 20, 2018 at 17:05

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