I am every man. I am named after a festival. I live in the largest of spaces. I belong to the thin. Uniquely, I began twice. What am I?


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I think you are...

Easter Island

I am named after a festival

Named after Easter

I live in the largest of spaces

It's one of the most remote places on Earth and is located in the middle of the largest ocean

I belong to the thin

The narrow head statues that occupy the island

Uniquely, I began twice

From The Culture of Easter Island: "Oral traditions of the islanders state that the island was settled twice, the first time by a race known as the “Long-ears” who came from the east, and the second time by the “Short-ears” from the west. It seems the two clans were really the Hanau eepe (“short and stocky”) and theHanau momoko (“tall and slim”); the strange mix-up came from mistranslating eepe – short and stocky – as “ear” (“epe” in Rapa Nui). [...] For two centuries, the Short-ears willingly toiled to erect monuments that represented the long-eared chiefs of the original population."

I am every man

I feel like the statues represent that, but not sure about that one

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You are..

Burning Man

I am every man.

YES you are, Because traditionally culminates with the burning of a large wooden sculpture of a MAN.

I am named after a festival.

Burning Man an Art festival, it slowly turn to culture?

I live in the largest of spaces.

Burning Man is celebrated on an empty lake bed in Nevada's Black Rock Desert, For six days in late August. Black Rock desert is far from any cities or towns, and is very dry.

I belong to the thin.

Not exactly, you gathered people very small area in a huge (more than 1000 sq.mi) Black Rock desert, might feel thin.

Uniquely, I began twice.

Burning Man began as a Bonfire ritual on the summer solstice in 1986 when Larry Harvey, Jerry James, and a few friends met on Baker Beach in San Francisco and burned an 8 feet (2.4 m) tall wooden man as well as a smaller wooden dog.. No evidence it began twice..


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