Entry into Fortnightly Topic Challenge #41: Short and Sweet

Riddle me this:

My prefix is able in aluminum,

My suffix asks for the reason.

My infix it neither or nor xand,

And I should please you all!

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it is-

Candy (it pleases everyone)


Can (able, aluminum can)


And (not Or, not Xand)


Y (Why)

I thought that I had an alternative solution. Then I noticed that it is slightly misspelled. But I still feel it is close enough that it can be posted.


"lu" is what comes after "a" in aluminum


xor is another logical operator


"y" as "why"

When said aloud, the combination sounds like


which is pleasing to those who have it.

  • Nice Try... +1 for consolation! – Omega Krypton Nov 16 at 0:10

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