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  • $\begingroup$ Is this really a puzzle? I mean you have to tryout just some common cipher methods, nothing exclusive $\endgroup$ – user52327 Nov 13 '18 at 16:17

It is a

ROT1 cipher

and it says

Whisper, did you get it? Yes Boss. He doesn't know it's gone. Good, What about James and Hannah? James is alright, that new Shape-Shiftier Prototype is great. Hannah is now being collected. Good, that's good. What about Vinnie? Who's Vinnie? Vinnie Anderson. What about him? He is helping Hannah, he knows about us. Capture him too then. If he is to come to the virus, your cover will be blown. Gotta Boss, do the same thing as James to both Hannah and Vinnie? Yes, it will hide them for the Virus. Ok. I got to move. I will report in with when I have captured both Hannah and Vinnie.

To decrypt

Shift every letter back by 1 in the alphabet.

To generate this quickly

I used this website with the ROT25 setting.


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