What country (sovereign) lies entirely within (inside) another country,


It is not an Enclave?

Two possible solutions

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In a word it could be

Oman which is written inside Romania, but is not a geographical enclave.

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    One more @ Tom There is one more – DEEM Nov 13 at 12:52
  • rot13[Avtre/Avtrevn]? – jafe Nov 13 at 13:12
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    It is not the classic "within" another country in the spirit that was intended @jafe. Oman and Mali do I think – DEEM Nov 13 at 13:21

Following on from Tom's answer, the second one is

Mali which is in Somalia

Could be

Monaco, which on land is bordered by France from all sides and whose maritime borders are completely surrounded by French territorial waters. It doesn't count as an enclave because it's on the coast.

  • I was thinking about this, but if we’re counting semi-enclaves then Brunei would be as correct as your answer... – El-Guest Nov 13 at 11:53
  • @El-Guest True... hmm... – jafe Nov 13 at 11:54
  • @El-Guest and Gambia – JAD Nov 13 at 14:27
  • Territorial waters count when considering a country as an enclave – E Jacobs Nov 14 at 9:02

It could be


since that lies entirely within

(inside) another country

I presume there's others by that logic

Could it be


This is because

It’s a city state surrounded by Indonesia, but it’s not an enclave?

Based on existing answers, it's:

Russia, which is inside Belorussia

or, if you prefer

in Belorussian, Русь inside Беларусь (using slightly glorious, less standard country name).

Alternately and more geographically,

Munich in Italian is Monaco, and it lies completely within Germany, but Monaco is also a sovereign country. And it's not an enclave, it's a homonym.

Entirely inside

romania - oman
somalia - mali

Somekind of inside

dominican republic - dominica
equatorial guinea - guinea
guinea-bissau - guinea
nigeria - niger
papua new guinea - guinea
south sudan - sudan

It can be vatican city. As it is completely surrounded by rome which is in Italy

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    Vatican City is an Enclave – DEEM Nov 13 at 12:51

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