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Both sharp and surprising

  • B
  • R
  • S


Is GR sharp, surprising or both? Why?

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Sharp is

anything followed by an "ow" sound when spelled with "ow":
brow, cow, chow, dhow, how, now, prow, vow, wow

Surprising is

anything that is followed by an "oh" sound with "ow":
blow, crow, flow, glow, know, low, mow, show, slow, snow, stow, throw, tow

Some can be either:

bow, row, sow

So GR is

surprising, since "grow" is pronounced with "oh"

The terms:

Sharp because "ow!" and surprising because "oh!" :)

  • That was quick! Exactly correct. (Including why "sharp" and "surprising" as terms) – Toby Speight Nov 12 at 13:13

GR is



For each sharp group, if we add 'ow' to the end, it produces a word which is pronounced with an 'ow' sound. On the other hand, adding 'ow' to the end of a surprising group produces a word with an 'o' sound.

  • Also very quick - and correct. – Toby Speight Nov 12 at 13:14

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