It's about time I did a puzzle based off Pokemon. The answer will be the answer to the question posed (what's my favorite Pokemon besides Raichu). Hints will be added as needed.

eto(0,90,21) | _ _ _ _ / _ _ kaeps tonnac ohw nosrep | forgo untyped | drizzle on the ball game | u need a complete synonym | every running tree | as antimatter and matter, as like letters

Good luck! (| denotes separate puzzles, probably, and no, I didn't mess up the tags)

Minor Hint That Isn't Really a Hint:

Each part will come out to a word or some set of letters.

Hint #1:

rot13 on the only part that even looks cipher-like, and convert to hexadecimal

Hint #2 (for me neglecting to put any for so long)

think word chains, and crossword clues

Hint #3 (Fairly Major)

numbers to letters | solved already | anagram | crossword clue, one word | a bit of wordplay | check the tags | ???

Hint #4:

for the first one, what letters do the numbers literally look like (and ignore zeros).

Hint #5:

the end of one word leads into the beginning of the next, for example: concise / serve / verdant / anteater = conciserverdanteater

Hint #6:

Forgo Untyped anagrams to "type of ground". u need a complete synonym- think of a different meaning of "complete synonym", maybe having something to do with the letter u?.

What you've got so far:

eto(0,90,21): solved (SAIS)
_ _ _ _ / _ _ kaeps tonnac ohw nosrep: solved (ISMUTE)
forgo untyped: partially solved, find something that continues the word chain
drizzle on the ball game: solved (RAINOUT)
u need a complete synonym: unsolved
every running tree: solved (ERT)
as antimatter and matter, as like letters: perhaps solve everything else first...

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Using previous answers (which did most of the work), the solution seems to be:



These are definitions for a word chain, which eventually forms the pokemon's name when all of the non-bridging letters (that don't appear in the previous or next word) are singled out. So:

1. SAis [rot13 for rgb(0,90,12) which is #005A15 and looks like SAIS]
2. isMUte ['is mute', the missing words in that sentence]
3. teRrain [type of ground, which is an anagram of 'forgo untyped']
4. rainOut [clue from 'drizzle on the ball game']
5. utTer [a synonym for 'complete' that starts with 'u']
6. erT [the initials of 'every running tree']
7. 'as antimatter and matter, as like letters': This decribes the method of getting to the pokemon, by 'cancelling out' certain letters.

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    $\begingroup$ The part about antimatter and matter was a clue on how to get the answer, not on the final letters (the puzzle works without it), but this is the answer! $\endgroup$ Nov 5, 2018 at 18:18
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Work in progress, maybe closer with more hints but still wrong:

SAIS, E, OTG, WET, ERT, MAT = Mega Swampert


"leet speak" rgb(0,90,12) = #005A15 = SAIS or SALS

_ _ _ _ / _ _ kaeps tonnac ohw nosrep

solved: person who cannot speak is mute so 'etum si' = E

forgo untyped

angram: of type ground

drizzle on the ball game

one word crossword type: WET

u need a complete synonym


every running tree

check tags: ERT

as antimatter and matter, as like letters

like letters in antimatter and matter, MAT


Even with the new hint, I'm stuck. So I guess I'll put what I can.


rgb of some dark green. Personally, I took this to mean one of a couple of things: the pokemon is green, it's in either pokemon green / leaf green, or it's exclusive to either of those versions. Based on the new hint, it may be none of these.
based on hint 4: sals
Was wrong, is "sais"

forgo untyped

I think this is an anagram for "of type ground", rather, a ground type mon.
New: terrain

drizzle on the ball game

rain / rainout / drizzle? Maybe a move or ability of the mon?
Confirmed: rainout

u need a complete synonym

synonym for complete with a u: utter

This all gives us:


as antimatter and matter, as like letters

If opposites, then perhaps "numbers"
but, they don't destroy each other. Also, it could just be wordplay or who knows...
So now, what do we do with it?

I mean, I'm kinda looking at:

Sandshrew or Sandslash, but I don't think that's right.

  • $\begingroup$ One of your guesses for one of the clues is actually correct! $\endgroup$ Nov 2, 2018 at 23:04


"_ _ _ _ / _ _ kaeps tonnac ohw nosrep" written backwards is "person who cannot speak _ _ / _ _ _ _" I believe each _ represents a letter, so this sentence would be completed with is mute. This backwards is then etumsi (if that has any relevance).

  • $\begingroup$ My guess is it's just 'e' at the 'start' of mute that contributes to the acrostic $\endgroup$
    – kanoo
    Nov 2, 2018 at 19:57

Partial: eto(0,90,21)

if you use rot 13 you get rgb(0,90,21) which is a darkish green colour (will add image later)

  • $\begingroup$ I wonder if this green has a name? It would contribute towards the acrostic quality of the puzzle. Unless it's just 'green' $\endgroup$
    – kanoo
    Nov 2, 2018 at 19:57

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