Some college friends decided to take a vacation in Maine together. They each had to chip in \$90 for the weeks' lodgings. They tried to convince three more people to go with them, to reduce the cost per person to \$22.50, but they were unsuccessful. How many friends actually want?

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I believe that:

$9$ people went.


$90x=y$ ($x$ people times $\$90$) = cost of trip
$(x+3) \times 67.5 = y$
$67.5x + 202.5 = 90x$
$22.5x = 202.5$
$x = 9$

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I believe the number of friends who went to Maine is:

1 (can we really still say 'friends' went to maine??)

The maths:

Let C be the total cost of the vacation
Let X be the number of people attending the vacation

From the question, we have the following equations:
C/X = 90
C/X+3 = 22.5

We can solve this set of simultaneous equations as follows:
C = 90X
90X/X+3 = 22.5
90X = 22.5X + 67.5
(90-22.5)X = 67.5
X = 67.5/67.5
X = 1


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