Five tennis players of USA were asked to rank 5 football teams - P, Q, R, S and T - of other countries from 1 to 5 as per their performances in last year’s tournament, where rank 1 being the highest and rank 5 being the lowest. Team P was ranked same by all the five players while team Q was ranked same by exactly 4 players. Team R was given the same rank by 3 players and another same rank by 2 players. Team S was given the same rank by 3 players and two different ranks by the other 2 players and team T was ranked same by only 2 players and ranked different by the other 3. At the end, each team was assigned a final rank equivalent to the rank that was assigned to that team by maximum number of players. All five teams had different final ranks and final ranks of teams P, Q and R were 1, 2 and 3 respectively. Also, team R was ranked 4 by exactly two players. Each player had given a different ranking to each of the five teams.

Find the sum of the two ranks given to the team S, which were different from the same rank given by the three players?

Pls tell approach.

Source : https://www.imsindia.com/

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I haven't yet checked if there is only one solution, but here is one that I have found:

The sum of the two ranks given to team S that were different is 7.

List of rankings:


With this ranking setup The two different rankings for team S are 3 and 4 which sum together to 7.

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