So, my previous puzzle A Warped Chess Maze is somehow my highest voted puzzle on Puzzling SE. So, I'm bringing it back, now with fairy pieces!

The fairy pieces will be explained in a bit, but the basic rules for a chess maze are:

  1. Only one side moves (and that side usually only has one piece).
  2. That side must capture a piece with every move.
  3. The goal is to capture all of the opposing pieces.
  4. (for warped chess mazes only) Whenever you capture a piece, your piece becomes the type of piece you captured.

Now, I'll explain the fairy pieces used below.

Pawns have their movement options reversed. They move one space forward diagonally but capture one space straight forward.

Knights are now slightly modified versions of knightriders. They can make any number of knight moves in the same direction.

Bishops and rooks can now only move an even number of spaces in their movement direction. However, they CAN jump over pieces an odd number of spaces away.

Queens are now amazons, which can move as a queen OR knight.

Here's a few diagrams illustrating how every new piece captures.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

Got it? Here's the maze.

enter image description here

Again, a correct solution will have only a white king on h8. Good luck!


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Possible Solution:

1. Rxa5
2. Bxc7
3. Nxf1
4. Rxf7
5. Qxe5
6. Bxc3
7. Nxg5
8. Bxe7
9. Nxg6
10. gxg7
11. gxg8
12. Rxa8
13. Qxh1
14. Qxh8


Started by finding what moves were possible from the start. Then looked to find areas where a piece could only capture one piece to narrow down chunks of moves. Tested through possible routes.

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