$\frac{1}{4}$ of the marbles in a box are blue. There are $24$ more red marbles than blue marbles in the box. The remaining $32$ marbles are yellow. How many red marbles are in the box?


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Well, you can solve this with:

algebra! (cheer)


let x equal the number of blue marbles.

The number of red marbles is


and the total number of marbles is

x+x+24+32, or 2x+56 marbles.

Since the number of blue marbles is 1/4th the total,

(2x+56)/4 = x

Algebra gives

2x+56 = 4x
56 = 2x
x = 28


the number of red marbles is x+24, there are 52 red marbles in the box.

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