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So I notice that the hexagon rises, so it should be A or B. But beyond that, I can't figure out why one of A or B would be correct and the other would not be.

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    Sorry, but I don't agree: The only one with the right height is C. A and B are already above the level of the 4th image... – Torsten Link Oct 16 at 13:13
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The answer is:

enter image description here

The key is:

Pay attention to the number of moves the circle makes counter-clockwise with each step. From the first image to the second, the circle moves one space. From the fourth to the fifth step, it makes four moves counter-clockwise. So now we need to find the missing piece that is two moves counter-clockwise from the second step, and consequently three moves clockwise from the fourth step. That would be tile B:

enter image description here

  • Just looking at this again...the answer to this puzzle would also be the next pattern in the sequence! – zeethreepio Oct 17 at 10:51

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