Complete the following bizarre translations to figure out if I made this puzzle too difficult:

$\mathbf 6$ $\rightarrow$ Sus Domesticus $\rightarrow$ ! $\rightarrow$ Auf Englisch.


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Partial answer:

As @El-Guest notes,

Sus domesticus is Latin for pig -> suggests "pig latin" as a translation

Appying this to the first element:

Bold six -> Oldbay Ixsay

There are many places this could go next:

Old Bay is a seasoning mix; a Bay could refer to a horse, making an Old Bay a Nag; IX could be read as Nine in roman numerals; the "x" could mean times or by; others...

Or, the above is maybe over thinking it.

Six in pig latin is Ixsay. IX = 9; 9 say (exclaim) in German, then translate to English: Nein! -> No!

So the answer is:

No! The puzzle is not too difficult :)

  • $\begingroup$ Glad to hear it, and thanks for proving your answer correct! :-) (Tick will follow a bit later.) $\endgroup$
    – Bass
    Oct 13, 2018 at 22:25

So from what I can tell,

6 could be Hex or Sex or Six or pronounced like Cease (in French)...


Sus domesticus is a pig or a hog (Latin taxonomic name)...

And then

The symbol ! Is used in math to negate things (eg. NOT something)...

And finally

Auf Englisch means In English, in German.

So putting this all together, we get...

Cease-pig or speaking not in English?

I feel I have some of the idea but I hope the parts I didn’t get made you laugh!


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