Ice pie with mile.
It'll eye something big.
Inning with exits.
Met a land, would use.
Try kit with a Mal.
It & it makes a sound.

Answer is one word.

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    We already know "answer" is one word, but what do you want us to find? :P – PotatoLatte Oct 11 at 12:16
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It's a



I spy with my little eye
Something beginning with X.
It's metal and wood.
You strike it with a mallet
And it makes a sound.  

So it is


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    very nice! I love puzzles like these that are so satisfyingly simple, yet still absolutely stump me. – JGibbers Oct 11 at 16:31
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    "ice pie" was the Aha! – shoover Oct 12 at 15:17

Its a:



the riddle is a homonym for the popular I spy game


I spy with my little Eye something beginning with 'X'. Its metal and would, you strike it with a mallet and it makes a sound.

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    Welcome to Puzzling SE! It looks like someone beat you to this answer. Make sure in the future to check if your answer has already been said before you add it. – gabbo1092 Oct 11 at 16:34

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