I was having snacks with a friend the other day, i had pretzels and my friend was licking candy canes when he told me a weird story. He said that, the night before he was at a party at some rich guy's house, where he saw 24 faces at a table, some men , a few women, but apparently there were only 13 hearts at the table. After a while my friend said since i had pretzels he is going to pay up the bills. I was a little surprised, as he usually never pays. Now what did my friend see the night before and why did he pay?

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I think you were

playing cards.

24 faces

12 face cards in a deck, each with two faces

13 hearts

in a deck


poker jargon for a pair of eights

candy canes

poker jargon for a pair of sevens

he paid because

you had a better hand.


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