You are a good sniper and there are 10 targets you need to hit. The chance of hitting any target is the same.

Strangely, with your accuracy the chance of getting 8 hits is equal to getting 7 hits in 10 hits.


What is the exact chance of hitting all targets?

Note that the chance of getting hit is greater than $0$ and not $100$% either.

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The answer is

$\left(\frac{8}{11}\right)^{10} \approx 0.0414$

If $p$ is the probability of hitting a target on any turn then the actual probability of hitting seven targets is

$\binom{10}{7} p^7 (1-p)^3$

and the chance of hitting eight targets is

$\binom{10}{8} p^8 (1-p)^2$

That means we want

$\binom{10}{7}(1-p) = \binom{10}{8}p$
$\Rightarrow 120(1-p) = 45 p$
$\Rightarrow 165p = 120 \Rightarrow p = \frac{8}{11}$

and the probability of hitting $10$ is

$p^{10} = \left(\frac{8}{11}\right)^{10} \approx 4.14\%$

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I don't know if this is allowed, but:

Either 0% or 100%.

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If your accuracy is:



Chances are, you'll get 7 or 8 hits, but the chances of it being either are equal.


The chance of hitting all the targets is 0.75^10 = 0.0563135147 = ~5.6%

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Let's say the chance of hitting one target is p. The chance of hitting 7 or 8 are equal so:

p^7 * (1-p)^3 * (10 * 9 * 8) = p^8 * (1-p)^2 * (10 *9)

Since 0 < p < 1, we can

divide both sides by p^7*(1-p)^2*(10*9).

(1-p) * 8 = p

p = 1/9

So the chance of hitting all targets is


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  • $\begingroup$ Unfortunately you missed some terms in your combinations. The way to choose three targets is (10*9*8)/(3*2*1) and choosing two targets is (10*9)/(2*1). If you solve from there you'll get the same answer given by hexomino $\endgroup$ – PunPun1000 Oct 2 '18 at 15:41
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The answer is

$\frac{1}{2^{10}} = \frac{1}{1024}$.


$p$ be the probability of hitting. By binomial distribution, if the chance of hitting 7 or 8 is identical, then $p^7(1-p)^3 = p^8(1-p)^2 \Rightarrow p = 1-p \Rightarrow 2p=1 \Rightarrow p=\frac{1}{2}$.

Then the probability of hitting 10 is

$p^{10} = \frac{1}{2^{10}} = \frac{1}{1024}$.

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