I wanted to make another one of my James Bond Puzzles so here it is!

One evening when you ate together with the famous James Bond in an ultra fancy and hyper expensive restaurant (he was the one paying of course), he suddenly said :

You know what? For some reason,

I like Math, but I don't like Physics

I like Chemistry, but I don't like Biology

I also like pens, but I hate papers

Oh and I almost forgot, I also don't like rocks

So, what is the reason behind his liking and disliking of random things?

Hint :

Is it really all about letters here?

  • When I read "I like pens" I read something else... xD $(+1)$ – user477343 Sep 15 at 9:41
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    Dude I didn't mean that one lol XD @user477343 – Kevin L Sep 15 at 9:42

James likes

Words whose numerical values add up to an even number
Math = 13 + 1 + 20 + 8 = 42
Physics = 16 + 8 + 25 + 19 + 9 + 3 + 19 = 99
Chemistry = 120
Biology = 85
pens = 54
paper = 75

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  • Oh nice answer but still not right :) – Kevin L Sep 15 at 6:53

James Bond doesn't like

Words with repeated letters in them


Physics, Biology, papers


James Bond doesn't have any repeated letters

  • Nope that's not the reason :D – Kevin L Sep 15 at 6:54
  • I've added another line to clarify that yours is not the intended one. Nice try though (+1) – Kevin L Sep 15 at 6:57

My guess is:

James is a chemical engineering Graduate student.


He likes math, but doesn't like applying it. He chose Chemistry because Biology seemed boring, and he hates academic papers. But all Graduate Assistants need a good red pen for grading.

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  • James Bond also known to cause lots of explosions – Namyts Sep 14 at 13:58
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    @Namyts That he is. – Dylan Sep 14 at 13:59
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  • @Dylan No problem mate since I like creative answers (like yours) :D – Kevin L Sep 14 at 14:13

My first guess is that

He likes the formulation of tools used for subjects, but dislikes the subjects which apply those tools.


Maths is the main tool for Physics. Chemistry is a main tool for Biology. Pens are a main tool used for paper.

But I really hope I'm wrong! Since the above doesn't take into account:

Physics is a main tool for chemistry (eg: for calculating electron orbital shapes)

Although knowing me, I'm barking up the wrong tree entirely... :)

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    Not the correct answer :D – Kevin L Sep 14 at 13:49
  • Thank goodness :D – Namyts Sep 14 at 13:55

Mr Bond may be fond of

Theory or things that require you to deduce and think about.

He may not like

Things that have a rigidity around them or a physical presence. Physics deal with how objects interact with the space and there is also the rigid body we use in calculations. Biology aka living matter which have a physical presence and so do rocks.


About the pen and paper, here is how I interpret it as. The pen's use is to write and we write on papers. So unless a pen is being used to write, it has no significance other than aesthetics. When it is used on paper, it leaves a physical trace i.e the ink on the paper which is why he does not like it.

Another interpretation can be

Mr Bond likes aesthetics. To some, mathematical formulas and chemical formulas look beautiful. So does a pen. Whereas Biology, Physics and paper are fascinating but aren't exactly what one would consider as beautiful (speaking in terms of the strictly mathematical geekiness here. And Physics problems have math in them. Also look at a paper under a microscope, it's not so smooth as it seems)

  • Good answer but still incorrect :D – Kevin L yesterday
  • Ah well. The last line about the rocks is bugging me a bit. – R.D yesterday
  • Well, I made that last line since @obl's answer was correct with the old version of the question (Although that wasn't intended) :D – Kevin L yesterday
  • The one about rocks I mean. It's the odd one out here. – R.D yesterday
  • Oh, yeah I see. Nevertheless, nice try :) – Kevin L yesterday

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