Inspired by @DEEM's amazing Grandpa Puzzles, I decided to make my own (ran out of ideas for the title so I just picked James Bond)

So, one day you meet the famous James Bond and since you are a huge fan, you asked him the things that he liked and didn't like. Surprisingly, he said this :

I like to lead, but I don't like the number 2

I like bears, but I don't like knights

I like to be mean, but for some odd reason, I don't like the sun

I like to lie to others, but I don't like to be frank

So, what is the reason behind his liking and disliking of random things?

Note :

Will give more examples as hints in the future

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James Bond likes


and dislikes



lead, bears, mean, lie - are all homographs, while 2 (to), knights (nights), sun (son) and frank (Frank) are homophones. Homographs have multiple meanings, and James Bond likes them because he doesn't like to be frank :)

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Another try. I think James Bond likes

Words that can be anagrammed that is not a plural?


lead -> deal,bears -> saber,mean -> name,lie -> lei (lei: a Polynesian garland of flowers)

number two,knights,frank can't be anagrammed, sun -> nus but nus is a plural

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  • $\begingroup$ What about "tow"? $\endgroup$ Sep 14, 2018 at 17:07


He likes words that have 2 (or more) meanings/ambiguity.
Lead, bear, mean and lie all have more than 1 meaning
The number 2, knights, sun and frank(?) are all concrete concepts

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I think he likes

Friends and enemies, allies and foes

But not

help or fights, wars or conflicts

That's because he likes

words with two vowels next to each other

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