My third teapot riddle:
Teapot riddle rules:
I have one word which has several (2 or more) meanings.
Each of the meanings is a teapot (first, second ...)
You try to figure out the word with my Hints

Let's get started!
First Hint

My first teapot is fragile
My second teapot isn't fragile but tough

Second Hint

Music is attached to my first teapot
My second teapot is attachable to everything

Third Hint

My first teapot is like an ancient technology(though it isnt)
My second teapot is an way older technology, but is even nowerdays commonly used

Final Hint

My first teapot was replaced by the CD
My second teapot is the stickiest tool you find in your house

Good luck, have fun :)

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  • When is teapot going to be its own tag? – Jim Sep 12 at 14:52
  • look up teapot riddle no 1, i had a comment with someone who konows that – Jannis Sep 12 at 14:53
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Are you:


And more specifically:

Cassette/VHS Tape and Duct/sticky tape

  • When did you find out? – Jannis Sep 12 at 14:45
  • 2
    Honestly, the final hint – AHKieran Sep 12 at 14:46

is it

tape (cassette and adhesive)


a cassette tape is fragile, adhesive tape is stronger (or can be)


Music on a cassette tape is common, adhesive tape attaches to all


Cassette tapes are ancient (to kids today), adhesive tape has been around a long time


cassette tape replaced by CD, Adhesive tape is sticky

  • AHKieran beat you to it! Ill upvote both answers though and you have an explanition – Yout Ried Sep 12 at 15:38

I think the teapot is:

Record(s) - i.e. Vinyl records and World Records

First Hint:

Drop a vinyl record, it'll likely break, they are easy to chip, etc.
It is hard to break a world record, you need to be an elite athlete (for example)

Second Hint:

A vinyl contains music
Records can be attached to anything, even dumb things.

Third Hint:

There are manyold formats similar to the vinyl records, maybe stretch, but like the Piano roll
(Note: I guess I misread this one since my answer isn't correct) Records are a historically kept, much longer than most technology still in use.

Final Hint:

The CD is a more modern vinyl.
Siblings fight over "records," causing fights? (This one is definitely a stretch)

  • no , but also cool teapot – Jannis Sep 12 at 14:44
  • Greg i fucking love your interpretation :D thumbs up for him +1 – Jannis Sep 12 at 14:54
  • Thanks! Definitely realized I had to make some huge leaps to make it works, but it's more fun than the answers :-) – Greg Sep 12 at 14:56

I guess it's a


First teapot:

Magnetic tape used in audio cassettes. It is fragile, contains music, looks ancient nowadays and audio CDs replaced it

Second teapot:

A duct tape. It is tough, sticky, old and can be found in every house

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