You wake up and find yourself trapped in a glass square shaped covering. Luckily, you see soil below, unlike all the other directions. You start digging but find that there is glass at the bottom too. You are trapped in a glass cube. You are given a source of water and food. How will you escape?

Rules :-

  • You are not strong enough to break the glass
  • You are not strong enough to move the glass.
  • You have no source of external help.
  • You have nothing except your clothes.
  • You cannot use your clothes in any way to break the glass.
  • You cannot kill yourself and free your sprit. This does not count
  • You have unlimited time to live, but this does not mean you will get stronger.
  • There are no holes in the glass.
  • The food and water appears at your will, but you cannot use any other magic nor can anyone else. You can only summon food in the glass cube, and not outside
  • You cannot fill cube with water or food in hope to build pressure
  • The glass cannot melt.
  • You cannot use the stones in the soil to break the glass.
  • The worms and insects in the soil cannot chew through the glass.

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    I noticed that only some of the letters are oddly capitalized. Is this intentional? – Kevin L Sep 12 at 13:05
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    how do you breath in a glass with no holes? – Naeem Shaikh Sep 12 at 13:10
  • does the food I summon have to be edible? – MKBakker Sep 12 at 13:16
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    "You cannot fill cube with water or food in hope to build pressure" - but in this scenario, each day more matter is getting into the cube and nothing is getting out. "There are no holes in the glass". If the cube doesn't grow and there is no magical waste removal, pressure will build up. – Karsten Köpnick Sep 12 at 14:54
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    Do I understand correctly that you are talking about a covering on a glass base plate and not about a sealed glass cube closed all around? So the covering can be lifted, just not by me, because I'm not strong enough? – Karsten Köpnick Sep 12 at 14:57

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You could

summon an apple, break it in half, put the halves together to make a whole, climb through the whole to escape, shout until your voice is hoarse, climb on the hoarse and ride home.


If you wanna add some extra steps, you could plant the apple, grow a tree, punch the tree until your hand is sore, use the sore(saw) to chop the tree in half and then put those halves together to make a whole.

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    oh my literal goodness – Dylan Sep 12 at 13:59
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    This just made my day – MKBakker Sep 12 at 14:16
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    Have you considered crafting a canoe from the tree, summoning a thousand cups of tomato soup to make a river, riding the river to the other side of the cube where you then cut the canoe in half, put the halves together to make a whole and use the whole to climb out? – MKBakker Sep 12 at 14:57
  • +1 Loved Your Answer – Khushraj Rathod Sep 13 at 6:45
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    Wait was this the intended answer? I put it as a joke lol, and got the most amount of upvotes I've ever gotten – AHKieran Sep 13 at 7:55


As is, the glass is too strong to break, I need to weaken it.

So, first:

I summon freezing cold water (aka ice, I guess, or just really cold water)


Put the ice (or pour the cold water) a certain spot on the glass to chill it.

While simultaneously:

Summoning some boiling water, as hot as I can


I pour the boiling water on the specific location on the glass. Done in quick enough succession, this should cause the glass to break/crack, at least at the spot, making it weak enough to easily break.

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    I think that's the first answer that is actually possible, does not break any rule and you don't have to wait for million years to get out of the cube. – npkllr Sep 12 at 13:36
  • I like this one! – MKBakker Sep 12 at 13:38
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    @npkllr sometimes breaking the rules is more interesting though ;-) – Greg Sep 12 at 13:51
  • This should be the answer! – Dylan Sep 12 at 13:58

Hmm, maybe you could

summon apple (or any other tree-fruit) and plant its seeds, water it with the water you can also summon and wait for it to actually grow until it can't fit in the glass cube anymore. You'd be surprised with the force of nature :)

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    Don't forget using your own special brand of natural fertilizer! – Chowzen Sep 12 at 14:19
  • Lol :) that's disgusting! – Wais Kamal Sep 12 at 14:32
  • If my assumption that part of the glass prison can be lifted is correct, than this is a perfectly feasible solution. – Karsten Köpnick Sep 12 at 15:00
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    @KarstenKöpnick it doesn't need to be lifted - trees can get through many things if needs be. It will take a lot of time, sure, but the puzzle mentions this is not an issue. – Asunez Sep 12 at 15:02
  • @Asunez: You are right. We have no information on the strength of the glass other than that the prisoner cannot break it. But we have no information on the size and weight of the cube either. We can take a guess at all of it, but with that level of uncertainty I have no basis for estimating that having a tree lift the alleged cover is more feasible than having it break the cube. So my assumption is not necessary for your approach to be what the OP had in mind. – Karsten Köpnick Sep 12 at 15:22

I'd summon

my mother-in-law's fruitcake. It's hard enough to cut glass.

If you have

Unlimited time to live and a constant supply of food and water, I’d simply recommend waiting. Glass takes anywhere from 4000 to 1 million years to decompose; wait out that length of time and then you’ll be free!

Either that, or you could

More jokingly eat and eat and eat until your mass breaks the glass down; but if it’s a big enough cube this won’t work ;p

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    You're too tricky mate :D – Kevin L Sep 12 at 13:08
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    Could get boring after some time, but I still like your answer :) – npkllr Sep 12 at 13:08
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    Haha thanks both! Might need to summon some video games too... – El-Guest Sep 12 at 13:12
  • You beat me too it! i like this answer too. – SteveV Sep 12 at 13:12

I am

a cannibal, so I summon a feast of 100 men inside the cube. We use our collective strength to lift/break the cube. To celebrate, I eat them.

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    (+1) Disturbing, but viable – TheSimpliFire Sep 12 at 19:22

I would

Summon a donut, eat the outside and use the hole to exit

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    This answer is even cruller than the other one!     :-)    ⁠ – Peregrine Rook Sep 13 at 0:04

What about...

Use your voice to match the glass's high-pitched natural resonance tone to produce vibrations strong enough to shatter the glass. Perhaps some high-pitched opera style singing?

Perhaps you can

wait a million years or so (since you have Unlimited Time to Live) and the glass should decay back into sand eventually.

If puns are allowed (and really, should puns ever be allowed?)

you could try harder and harder until you are going all out. And there you are!

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    Unfortunately, El-Guest has already answered the same thing first lol :) – Kevin L Sep 12 at 13:13
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    Great minds think alike!! Nice answer :D – El-Guest Sep 12 at 13:13
  • Idea no. 1, I would

summon a sledgehammer and a screwdriver (2 cocktails) and smash my way out.

  • Idea no. 2, (similar to another answer) based on the clue

Luckily, you see soil below

So I would

summon bamboo shoots, and plant them, and they will grow and break the box.

  • Idea no. 3, (similar to another answer) based on the condition

You can only summon food in the glass cube, and not outside

which might deliberately imply that

You can summon water outside the glass cube

and so I would summon

flambé dishes to heat the ceiling fom the inside and water to cool the glass from the outside

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    Worth a try in any case. If it doesn't work, you'll at least have a fine evening. – Karsten Köpnick Sep 12 at 15:01
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    You can only summon food :| – Wais Kamal Sep 12 at 15:21
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    Summon Molotov cocktail – Yout Ried Sep 12 at 22:28
  • @WaisKamal: all of his suggestions are food. Maybe by a stretch, but the nature of the food has not been defined. – Karsten Köpnick Sep 13 at 0:32
  • @YoutRied username checks out. – tox123 Sep 13 at 0:34

Well, one way to get out is

Summon a lot of food in the glass's thickness (I don't know whether this still counts as summoning food inside the glass cube). This will create a hole big enough after removing the food. You can then get out :)

I would

develop Pica, and then gradually call small parts of the glass cube for me to eat. Eventually, a hole will develop in the wall which I can easily walk out of.

I would:

Create Sodium Hydroxide to dissolve the glass


Summon a some salt and water, mix. Then summon some potatoes. I would then use the wire in a bra or belt buckle to create electrodes in the potatoes and begin to create NaOH.


Summon tree bark (yes it can be editable) to create a fire. Boil off the remaining water and voila, you have Sodium Hydroxide! Let the dissolving commence!

After Thoughts:

I really think the Capital Letters mean something, perhaps Give a clue to a cryptogram of sorts. Something to ponder over..

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    I was going along these lines as well but with Hydroflouric acid. I figured some sort of foodstuffs would be able to make but the only ways I saw to make it were from minerals. – Tracy Cramer Sep 14 at 15:48

2 easy ways:

Since the question doesn't say that I am a normal human, I can use my Speedster skills (I am the Flash) to either
1. Vibrate so fast that I can pass through the glass walls in a process called quantum tunneling


2. Travel through time by running faster than light to when I wasn't in the glass box (you said I woke up in the box).

Also, this isn't any magic, it's science.
After I escape, I will summon lots of food and water since I get hungry after using my Speed Force.

In lieu of a more reasonable answer I came up with this -

make gunpowder with your urine

Thought process -

So the main issue I have with a lot of these ideas is the thought that you can summon a specific type of food and specific temperature of water to escape from the cube. I however believe the answer lies within the body, the only constant inside the cube. Urine and feces can always be produced by the body regardless of the nutrients that enter it. Using a bit of chemistry and ingenuity urine can be made into a rudimentary gunpowder and likely the rocks within the nitrogen rich soil can be used as an ignition source. Given infinite time I don't think this is an unreasonable solution.

Link to a video explaining the process -

I would

define everything on the other side of the glass as being "enclosed by the largest cube in the universe" and thus free myself from being trapped INSIDE the cube.

  • This sounds more like magic, which is not allowed. You should consider taking the tour to learn how the site works. – Herb Wolfe Sep 12 at 21:04
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    @HerbWolfe: This sounds more like maths, which is allowed but doesn't help here. It's just an old topology joke. Invert your space at the walls of your cell and you're free. - How to catch a lion? Topologist: Brings a cage to the desert. Inverts the desert space at the walls of the cage Then the lion is in the cage. – Karsten Köpnick Sep 13 at 0:23
  • Sounds like the first solution here. – Peregrine Rook Sep 13 at 0:25

You've got to wear away the glass somehow; fortunately, you can

summon various acids to weaken this (nice glass of lemon juice, anybody? Maybe some vinegar). You'll need a rubbing cloth to work this against a patch of glass - if you can't use your clothes, just painstakingly weave a cloth from your own hair. Give it a decade or two and you'll surely be out.

Inspiration: the 'unbreakable' prison in the Lightbringer books - wiki

  • Lemon juice or vinegar doesn't do much to glass. Nothing at all, in fact... – Stian Yttervik Sep 12 at 21:55

Look a serious answer!

Summon toothpaste and a lemon. Combine the lemon and toothpaste to create small amounts of HF, which should dissolve through the glass walls.

  • Can you really create hydroflouric acid with toothpaste and a lemon? – Tracy Cramer Sep 14 at 15:53
  • @TracyCramer, yes just not in large quantities. But with enough toothpaste and enough lemons you could hypothetically eat through the glass. – tox123 Sep 14 at 23:03
  • I wonder why someone downvoted it... – Tracy Cramer Sep 14 at 23:10

Escape? I challenge this notion. I'm not trapped at all.

I'm fine where I am. What you have given me is a giant hamster ball Hampster ball

Indeed, people pay money for this!

Hampster cube

But at some point, I'm going to be asked to actually solve the puzzle.

It says I'm not strong enough to move the cube, but some movements don't call for strength. Mass is enough. And the puzzle never stated the cube's size nor orientation. If I find myself in a large cube that's on edge, rather than lying flat, I could summon a large amount of food in one of the raised edges... say lots of caramel so it sticks to the glass. That mass could rotate the cube until it lands. Large sheets of glass break. You can make them as thick as you like. If that's not good enough, you can always take advantage of momentum. Since I can't build up pressure in the room, there must be a way that unsummons the food when it gets to be too much. Unsummon the food in one corner once you're past 90 degrees, then summon it in the next corner. You can build up an arbitrary amount of speed that way.

That glass is going down, one way or another. But honestly... hamsterball.


I would make some edible which can cause corrosion of the glass and with a branch(from which the chemical is extracted) will break the glass and escape the cube.

  • Please try to come up with something more specific than this. – Peregrine Rook Sep 13 at 0:14

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