Here is a puzzle I just heard about.

Nebuchadnezzar x  Methuselah
---------------------------    =   ?
    Melchior + Balthazar
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These are

large wine bottle sizes specific for sparkling wine.


Melchior = 24 standard bottles,
Nebuchadnezzar = 20 standard bottles,
Balthazar = 16 standard bottles,
Methuselah = 8 standard bottles,
Jeroboam = 4 standard bottles.

So the math works out to give

$\frac{20 \mathrm{bottles} \times 8 \mathrm{bottles}}{24\mathrm{bottles}+16 \mathrm{bottles}} = \frac{160\mathrm{bottles}^{2}}{40\mathrm{bottles}} = 4 \mathrm{bottles}$

Which going back to the word equivalency we find is equal to the word:


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The answer is


This is because

of the ages of the men when they died: Nebuchadnezzar was 72; Methuselah was 969; Melchior was 116; and Balthazar was 112.

So the math works out to

$\frac{72 \times 969}{116 + 112} = 306$.

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I'm not sure if my answer is right, but this could be a variation

If we take the number word of each word (i.e. a=1, 26=z) and do the math we get: (148*112)/(83+89), to 96.3720930233


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