So when I was visiting Tsukuba International Conference Center in Tsukuba, Japan, I saw these dots on the wall of its big conference hall.

At first, I thought the dots were seemingly placed randomly, but later I realized there is something hidden in there. Try to find it!

The dots on the wall


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The right column repeats:

\begin{array}{cccc} 16&2&13&3\\ 9&7&12&6\\ 4&14&1&15\\ 5&11&8&10 \end{array}

every 4, and is:

a magic square summing to $34$.

The left column:

\begin{array}{cccc} 2&11&8&13\\ 16&5&10&3\\ 9&4&15&6\\ 7&14&1&12 \end{array}


a magic square summing to $34$.

In fact, they are both:

most-perfect magic squares


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