I was meeting a small group of people in Griffith Park one afternoon. Two of the group were running late. They were carpooling together and we knew it would still be a while before they showed up, so we decided to get to know each other a little bit before the remaining two arrived.

Here's what I learned about everyone who was present.

Rick used to be a sheep farmer, but recently got into the computer memory business. He has quite a bad temper – he once broke down a competitor's door after a big argument.

Chad sells all kinds of useful stuff for the home, from nail cutters to hedge trimmers. He's doing quite well for himself and recently purchased a sailing ship.

Al is a member of a prominent motorcycle club and enjoys Dan Brown books. He recently managed to kick his years-long PCP addiction after a powerful religious experience.

Ken enjoys history, card games and listening to New Orleans rhythms. He recently started hosting an annual competition for Elvis impersonators.

Larry recently purchased fifty acres of land up in Minnesota. He has always dreamt of a house by the water.

Don is a mighty friendly fellow who works at Disney. He enjoys Chinese cuisine and taking long baths.

Based on the information provided, guess the make and model of the car in which the missing two people are travelling.


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I guess that their car is a

Dodge Charger.

Each of the six people we've been told about

clues a single word associated with each bit of the information we're given about them, beginning with the same letter as their name.


RAM (ram = male sheep, RAM computer memory, battering ram)


CLIP/CLIPPER (nail clippers, hedge clippers, clipper ships)


ANGEL (Hell's Angels, Angels & Demons, angel dust, perhaps an encounter with an angel)


KING (monarchs are prominent in historical work, kings in a deck of cards, maybe Earl King or King Oliver, "the King")


LAKE? (Minnesota is sometimes called "the land of 10000 lakes", lakeside house?)


DUCK ("duck" as a friendly term of address in Northern England?, Donald Duck, Peking duck, ... just the fact that ducks live in the water?)

All of these

are names, or closely related to names, of major league sports teams in Los Angeles (where Griffith Park is located).

So the other two

are probably two from {Dodgers, Galaxy, Sparks, Chargers}. I think the only pair that gives us a vehicle make and model is DODGE CHARGER.


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