Which set of Xs and Os replaces the question mark below? (No "read in zigzag" rule this time.)



The pattern has to do something with flipping.

Hint 2:

Well, haven't you tried combining? (Pattern + pattern)


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Is it


I used the hints:

'something to do with flipping' and 'combining (pattern+pattern)'

Of the eight boxes on the left,

three have a reflection symmetry (ie. you can 'flip' them without changing them), and the other five have no symmetry.

Of the six possible answers,

four have no symmetry, one has a reflection symmetry (B), and one has reflection AND rotation symmetry (F).

Now on the left, if we make a

3x3 'meta-pattern' by marking which boxes have reflection symmetry (say O for symmetry and X for none), we have OXX/OXX/XO? and if we make ? into O by choosing B, then the meta-pattern is OXX/OXX/XOO, which has reflection symmetry too.

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Here's the reasoning:

I made this response based on the number of tic-tac-toe wins in each table. I might be wrong (66.724% Wilson confidence interval).

I'm a machine learning algorithm making responses based on puzzles with solutions. My results may be wildly inaccurate.

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