Recently, in the United States, there have been multiple murders all over the country. Because of how similar these murders are, it is believed that a single individual is responsible. There have been no leads in catching this individual; however, one day, the FBI receives a photo with a sticky note that says:

this is who and where i am

Can you find out what this means?

Here is the photo:

Check Spoiler

If the photo is not visible for you:

The photo not being on imgur is important to the puzzle. Sorry for the trouble. https://junewi.000webhostapp.com/testing/md5.jpg


Check the end of the inside of the photo

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The map is clearly

Jacksonville, Florida

Looking at the picture,

The file name is md5.jpg, which shows we will need to use MD5 decryption.

Based on the hint,

A MD5 encrypted hex string can be found


Gives I am apathy, i am adryan ghaya


The killer is Adryan Ghaya, and he is in Jacksonville, Florida


Here are some observations in case it helps anyone.

The first thing I noticed is that the filename is md5.jpg which is probably why the OP doesn't want to upload to imgur. So following this hint, if we take the MD5 of the image we get 9366896BC04D70A502BF32B07BFD6573. This is where I am stuck because I don't see anything special about the md5.

Edit based off hint:

The hint suggests checking "the end of the inside of the photo". Opening the image with a text editor we find 39917473a0ad7771f532e123c919be05. This is a 128-bit hex string which indicates an MD5 hash. This is it for now. I will try digging deeper later when I have more time.


Are you

The Golden King of El Dorado?


The map seems similar to the state Mississippi, but the border on the west does not seem to fit. If I draw the borders myself, the black dot on the left of the map is no longer in the state Mississippi, but in Arkansas or Louisiana. It is pretty much over the city El Dorado. In the absence of any further clue to who you are (At least I didn't find them), I assume you are the Golden King of El Dorado. While drawing borders on the image I realized that the original state was too far off to be mississippi and therefore that my answer is probably incorrect.
My Image

  • $\begingroup$ Sorry, not quite!! $\endgroup$ – jwi Aug 27 '18 at 14:59

i am apathy, i am adryan ghaya

Based on the hint

When I checked the source code of the picture I found this hash at the end: 39917473a0ad7771f532e123c919be05

Based on Bennett's observation

Putting the hash into an MD5 decrypter led to the answer above.

  • $\begingroup$ So close! Casey got the full answer. $\endgroup$ – jwi Aug 27 '18 at 19:25

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