The ship departed from the Lisbon harbour. Elizabeth sat in her cabin, holding a small USB device in her hand. The important information it contained was meant for the authorities of six foreign powers, and her journey would take her to those countries' capital cities to deliver the data in person.

The carrier came in and left her suitcase by the door. "Here's your suitcase, Mrs. Harcourt", he said.

Elizabeth stared out of her cabin window on the left-hand side of the ship and silently took another sip from her wine glass.

Where was Elizabeth headed?

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I think this important mission would take Elizabeth to the six capital cities:

Port Louis - Mauritius
Port Moresby - Papua New Guinea
Port Vila - Vanuatu
Port-au-Prince - Haiti
Port of Spain - Trinidad and Tobago
Porto-Novo - Benin

As the report is full of:

PORTS: Port Elizabeth - SA, Lisbon - Portugal, harbour - port, important, USB - Port, this data - a report, carrier - porter, deliver- transport, suitcase - portmanteau, left side of ship - port, wine - port

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She was going to visit

Mauritius, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, and Benin.


These things all make an appearance in the story (I may have missed some):

Portugal (Lisbon)
Port (harbour)
USB port
important information
porter (the person carrying the luggage)
portmanteau (the luggage)
porthole (cabin window)
port (left side of ship)
port (wine)

And the capitals of the mentioned countries

all have the word "Port" in them.

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