I'm looking for a word.
Use all the skills listed on the tags.

do hold you
hand under knee
wonders lips honey jam lingers
inside right
vast unique light
just outside
alone like universe
don't know
might practise climbing life

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Taking the first letter of each word and decrypting with rot19 gives


Meaning the word is

The fifth word in chapter 10 in the first book of war and peace

Which, unless I've messed up finding it, is

'promise' from the line 'Prince Vasili kept the promise'

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    $\begingroup$ @jwi caesar cipher is the same as ROT ;) $\endgroup$ Commented Aug 23, 2018 at 14:33

I think the word is


Here is how to find it:

Take the first letter of every word. Turn line skips into spaces.
This yields: "dhy huk wlhjl ir vul jo alu dk mpcl"

Now, shift each letter by 19 positions.
This yields: "war and peace bk one ch ten wd five"

Then, look at the fifth word of War and Peace, book 1, chapter 10 and you'll find "promise".


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